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4mm EzyBind Covers
4mm EzyBind Covers
4mm EzyBind Covers

4mm EzyBind Covers


Only left in stock

Description: 4mm EzyBind Binding Covers
Product Code: 
$130 + Gst

Box of: 100pcs
Page Range: 15 - 35p
Colour: Black
Size: A4

Due to Great Demand the EzyBind Range has been Extended!!
Now From 1 - 190 Pages


EzyBind Covers - clear front cover with a black board spine and back cover



  • Binds 15-35 pages
  • A4 Size
  • Strong bind from solid thermal setting glue
  • Scored front and back cover to ensure the document opens flat
  • Add & Delete Pages
  • 9 different sizes to bind from 1 to 190 pages
  • Binds in just 60 seconds
EzyBind Binding Covers are thermal binding covers that look great, are functional and very affordable!


Perfect For.


  1. Reports
  2. Product Manuals
  3. Promotional Booklets
  4. Training Manuals
  5. Accountants
  6. Real Estate Agents
  7. Financial Planners
  8. Schools
  9. Government Departments
  10. Businesses
  11. Training Organisations
  12. Etc

EzyBind Sizes

EzyBind Binding Covers can bind from 1 to 190 pages in 9 different sized thermal binding covers
- Thermal Binding Covers

Spine Size
Page Range
Box of Price
EzyBind 2mm 1-15 pages 100pcs $127+Gst
EzyBind 4mm 15-35 pages
100pcs $130+Gst
EzyBind 6mm 35-50 pages
100pcs $132+Gst
EzyBind 8mm 50-70 pages
EzyBind 10mm 70-95 pages 50pcs $77+Gst
EzyBind 12mm 95-115 pages 50pcs $79+Gst
EzyBind 15mm 115-140 pages 50pcs $81+Gst
EzyBind 18mm 140-165 pages 50pcs $83+Gst
EzyBind 20mm 165-190 pages 50pcs $84+Gst