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Steel Crystal Binding Covers

Posted by Luke Saddington on

Steel Crystal Binding Covers are one of the most professional looking thermal Binding Covers on the market. If you are looking to make an impact in presenting your documents than look no further than Colour Presentations who has been supplying Steel Crystal Covers for over 14 years all around Australia.

Crystal Clear front and back cover with a Steel Spine wrapped in a black leatherette.

Give your documents the professional look!
SteelCrystal Binding Cover

Steel Crystal Binding Covers come in 10 different size covers
They can cover from 1 to 220 pages

Steel Crystal Sizes:
Box of 100pcs
1mmSteel Crystal Covers
(1-10pages) - $172+Gst
3mmSteel Crystal Covers
(10-25pages) - $173+Gst
5mmSteel Crystal Covers
(25-40pages) - $174+Gst
7mmSteel Crystal Covers
(40-55pages) - $175+Gst

Box of 50pcs
9mmSteel Crystal Covers
(55-75pages) - $90+Gst
12mmSteel Crystal Covers
(75-100pages) - $92+Gst
15mmSteel Crystal Covers(100-130pages) - $116+Gst

Box of 25pcs

18mmSteel Crystal Covers
(130-160pages) - $59+Gst
21mmSteel Crystal Covers
(160-190pages) - $60+Gst
24mmSteel Crystal Covers
(190-220pages) - $62+Gst

Open SteelCrystal Cover

What we will do for you.

With over 20 years of experience in the document binding industry, we only deal in the best quality binding covers and binding machines! Our motto is simple; 'we want to keep it simple for you', we have sourced the simplest and most professional binding covers and binding machines so you don't have to.
Trust us when we say you don't need to look any further for your document binding needs!

From the beginning.

Colour Presentations started in the document binding industry in the late 1980's with the old comb binding machines, which at the time was somewhat revolutionary compared to the alternatives of a staplers or sticky tape. After selling numerous lines of comb, punch and wire binding machines for a couple of decades, thermal document binding was born! Originally thermal binding covers had there issues mostly with the glue application, resulting in pages falling out and whole documents needing to be redone. After experimenting with multiple thermal binding suppliers we connected with a company that had the same outlook as us of simplicity and professionalism in a binding product and in the early 2000's we started selling the Steel Crystal Binding Covers. Although the Steel Crystal Binding Covers are on the higher scale of cost they are also right up there in regards to quality. After selling millions of Steel Crystal Binding Covers to thousands of businesses, schools, universities, churches all around Australia we still sell them for 1 simply reason!

They are the best Binding Cover on the market!

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Major benefit of SteelCrystal Binding Covers

Posted by Luke Saddington on

One of the best features of the SteelCrystal Binding Covers is the fact that they open pretty much perfectly flat.
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Caladenia Independent Primary School for the book covering review

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"Setting up a library in a new school, and having had experience using the CoLibri Covering System previously, purchasing the System was paramount to cover the enormous amount of resources quickly and effectively."
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Product Review: The CoLibri Book Covering System

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One of the highlights of attending an Library Association Conference is meandering through the trade show and discovering all the new and innovative products available for libraries. Our introduction to the CoLibri Book Covering System was a result of just such an adventure.
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