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CoLibri Eco Covers

CoLibri Eco Covers

Protection & Respect for our environment 

The CoLibri ECO Shield covers are the only one made with Green Polyethylene, sold under the brand I'm green 
trademark. An important step towards the future of our environment: a qualifying difference with respect to competitors who can only offer transitional plastic products

CoLibri Cover Material
90 Micron (original) - Eco Shield Covers
Made from Green Polyethylene with "Shield" protection
(red packaging box)
120 Micron (thicker) - Eco Covers
Made from Green Polyethylene (but with no "Shield" protection)
(green packaging box)

CoLibri Covers Sizes
Mini Sized Covers
(33 x 25cm) $260+Gst
Designed for smaller books (readers, novels etc) 
Standard Sized Covers
(49 x 32cm) $309+Gst
Designed for A4 sized books (textbooks, exercise books etc) 

Big Sized Covers
(63 x 43cm) $209+Gst 
Designed for larger & thicker books (atlases, picture books etc) 

CoLibri Cover Features

  • 100% Made in Italy
  • It's protection is tested and it's surface is always sanitizable
  • Sanitizable with Ethyl Alcohol
  • Tests conducted according to ISO22196 and ISO 21702 
  • Repels bacteria and viruses
  • Identified by the "I'm Green" Trademark
  • Made from Green Polyethylene
  • Production process eliminates 3kg of CO2 from our atmosphere for every kg produced
  • 100% Recyclable
  • 90 Micron - Non Toxic, Acid Free Green Polyethylene
  • Can be used on Soft Backs and Hard Cover Books
  • Archival Quality Covers - Certified by the Canadian Conservation Institute
  • UV Resistant
  • Water Resistant
  • Books don't stick together
  • Certified Safe - By the European Toy Safety Authority
  • Passed the PAT Test (Photographic Activity Test)

New Colibri Covers
The Ecological Role of Green Polyethylene
The Green Polyethylene production process guarantees and extraordinary environmental contribution. Each kg of Green Polyethylene produced eliminates over 3kg of Co2 from our atmosphere.
A fundamental contribution to the quality of our air and reduction of the greenhouse effect. 

Shield Cover Attributes

What is Green Polyethylene?
Polyethylene is normally produced from fossil raw materials, such as oil or natural gas. The Green Polyethylene is a plastic made from a renewable vegetable raw material, ethanol, extracted from sugar cane.
Green Polyethylene guarantees the same characteristics as petrochemical Polyethylene in terms of its functionality and recyclability.

The Virtuous Re-Production Circle of the CoLibri Eco Cover 
1. Sugar can; as it grows absorbs Co2 from the atmosphere
2. From the processing of the sugar cane, ethanol is 
3. Ethanol is the raw material for the realisation of Green Polyethylene
4. CoLibri uses Green Polyethylene to produce the new CoLibri Eco Covers

Green Polyethylene Process


Born from research and 100% Made in Italy
CoLibri Eco Shield is the new frontier of innovation; for each book, the protection that today everyone is looking for.
For the first time in a cover, CoLibri Eco Shield uses an innovative material that creates a protective shield around the book, that drastically limits contact with pathogens such as viruses and bacteria.

A Shield that lasts and is completely non-toxic 

CoLibriShield ScientistThe CoLibri Eco Shield does not contain biocides and does not kill viruses and bacteria. Its microelectrostatic charge makes it difficult for them to come into contact with the cover; this protective property remains unaltertered over time!
CoLibri Eco Shield does not exert any chemical action. Its protective shield is imperceptive to man, thanks to the absence of interactions with the skin; it is totally non-toxic.

It's protection is tested and its surface is always sanitizable 
CoLibri Eco Shield offers durable protection.
Independent institutes have conducted laboratory tests comparing the results of the new CoLibri Eco Shield. Results showing the surface of the new CoLibri Eco Shield turned out to be a more protective environment and concretely hostile to contact with pathogens.

ISO TestsPercentage of viruses still in contact with the surface:-
* after 4 hours - Influenza type A, down 86%
* after 24 hours - Feline Calicivirus, down 69%
* after 24 hours - Human Coronavirus 229E, down 78%
Percentage of bacteria still in contact with the surface:-

* after 8 hours - S. Aureus, down 90%
* after 24 hours - E. Coli, down 87% 

(In addition; for maximum safety, the CoLibri Eco Shield cover can be perfectly sanitised with simple ethyl alcohol.)

No Cover Better Protects The Environment
CoLibri Eco Shield is 100% recyclable and maintains all the high sustainability features of CoLibri Eco Covers, Identifiable by the I'm Green trademark.
This brand guarantees the use of renewable raw material, the Green Polyethylene, whose production process eliminates 3kg of Co2 from our atmosphere for every kg produced.