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CoLibri Book Covering Machine FAQ

CoLibri Book Covering Machine FAQ

1. Do I have to turn the Automatic Book Covering Machine off when I’m not using it?
No, the machine is only active when button or foot pedal is  pressed. The machine is not heating when the welding bar is in the up position.
2. Can I move the Automatic Book Covering Machine easily?
Yes, the machine only weighs 5kgs and is very portable. We even offer a custom made carrying case with wheels if you are going to be travelling with your system.
3. Which CoLibri covers can I use  with the Automatic Book Covering Machine?
You can use the Mini and Standard CoLibri Book Covers and the A4, A3, A2, and A1 CoLibri Encapsulation Pockets.
4. Is there any maintanence required for the Automatic Book Covering Machine?
Yes there is 2 easy things you should do regulary.
i. Wipe the welding bar with a soft dry coth ever 10 books or so.
ii. Be sure to remove the off cuts from behind the machine ever 10 books or so.
5. What does the number on the LCD mean?
The number represents the total number of cuts your Automatic Book Covering Machine has made.
6. Why do I have to wait until the LCD says finished?
You need to allow the welding bar time to heat the Polyethylene (plastic material) to form a proper seal. Waiting until the LCD says “Finished” ensures that the plastic material has had adequate time to cool and seal.
7. What if I don’t wait until the LCD says finished?
The plastic material may not weld or seal completely and therefore will not be as strong.
8. Does the number on LCD change after I change the welding bar?
The number will not change when you replace the welding bar.
9. What is the Warranty on the machine?
A 1 year full replacement warranty.
10. How do I replace the welding bar on the Automatic Book covering Machine?
Watch this video to see how to change the welding bar on your Automatic Book Covering Machine

Covering a Soft Cover Book

1. Choose which of the three covers to use based on the size of the paperback. Place the cover on the work surface.

2. Insert one cover of the book into one of the pockets in the CoLibri cover. It is recommended that you begin by inserting the back cover of the book into the right hand pocket to guarantee proper positioning.

3. Insert the excess top part CoLibri cover into the slot and press the lever. In just three seconds the cover is welded and trimmed without the use of glue.

4. Insert the other cover of the book into the corresponding pocket. Since the book has a flexible cover, you just have to curve it and slide it into the pocket.

5. Close the book and make sure the cover is properly positioned. Insert the excess side cover into the slot.

6. Repeat the welding and trimming operation by pressing the lever. In just 20 seconds the book is perfectly protected and ready for use.