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CoLibri Pocket Machine FAQ

CoLibri Pocket Machine FAQ

Will the book become damaged if its paper is put under the welding bar?
No, you will not have any damage to any paper that comes in contact with the welding bar. The machine has a temperature sensor that will not allow it to heat to a temperature that would damage any paper. The machine is only at this temperature during the welding cycle. At the end of each cycle, the welding bar is actually decreasing in temperature.

Do I have to turn the Colibri machine off when I’m not using it?
No, the machine is only active when both handles are pressed. The machine is not heating when the handles are in the up position.

Can I move the machine easily?
Yes, the machine only weighs 8kgs and is very portable. We even offer a custom made carrying case with wheels if you are going to be travelling with your system.

What does the number on the LCD mean?
The number represents the total number of cuts the system has made.

Why do I have to wait until the LCD says finished?

You need to allow the welding bar time to heat the Polyethylene (plastic material) to form a proper seal. Waiting until the LCD says “Finished” ensures that the plastic material has had adequate time to cool and seal.

What if I don’t wait until the LCD says finished?
The plastic material may not weld or seal completely and therefore will not be as strong.

Will children get hurt if they use the Pocket Book Covering Machine?
No, the system is safe for children to use, however we do recommend supervision for children under the age of 12.

How does the system actually cut the covers?
Two rollers are used to gently “pull” the plastic material after the heat welds it. There are no blades or other sharp objects used in the system.

Can I cover all books of all sizes with the Colibri Machine?
Our three sizes of covers will fit on 98% of all books.

What size covers do I need to buy?You can choose from three sizes of Colibri covers. Mini, Standard, and Big. But remember that the Leonardo does not take books that require a cutting width greater than 500mm, so it will only accept Mini and standard covers. The Pocket will accept all three sizes. The normal distribution of size is the following: 10% Mini, 80% Standard and 10% Big.

How long will Colibri covers last?
The shelf life of the material is 100 years or more*. The covers are expected to double the life of a book if it is covered at its purchase. If the book has been used significantly, the Colibri cover will still add 30-50% to the life of the book.

Do I need Tape?
No tape, glue or adhesives are needed.

Why do I have to start with the back cover first?
Inserting the back cover first helps to ensure the cover height is correct and square because the back of cover has a slightly deeper pocket than the front of the cover.