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SteelCrystal Binding Covers FAQ

SteelCrystal Binding Covers FAQ

What do SteelCrystal Binding Covers look like?
The SteelCrystal Binding Covers have a very professional look and come across very well when presented!
They have a crystal clear front and back covers that open perfectly flat with a strong steel spine wrapped in a black leatherette material. This gives the SteelCrystal Binding Covers a very strong bind, holding all your pages in yrou bound document! 

How do you bind a SteelCrystal Cover?
The SteelCrystal Binding Covers are a thermal binding cover that have a thermal setting layer of glue along the inside of the steel spine. Once you insert the correct amount of pages into the SteelCrystal Cover place the cover spine down into your thermal binding machine and let it go through the binding cycle, once the binding cycle is finished leave the steelcrystal cover to cool for 1 minute than your bound document is ready to use. 

How many pages can the SteelCrystal Covers bind?
With the SteelCystal Covers you can bind from as little as 1 page up to 220 pages, with 10 different sized binding covers.
1mm SteelCrystal Covers (1-10 pages)
3mm SteelCrystal Covers (10-25 pages)
5mm SteelCrystal Covers (25-40 pages)
7mm SteelCrystal Covers (40-55 pages)
9mm SteelCrystal Covers (55-75 pages)
12mm SteelCrystal Covers (75-100 pages)
15mm SteelCrystal Covers (100-130 pages)
18mm SteelCrystal Covers (130-160 pages)
21mm SteelCrystal Covers (160-190 pages)
24mm SteelCrystal Covers (190-220 pages)

Can I bind more than one SteelCrystal Covers at a time?
Yes, depending on you binding machine you can bind as many SteelCrystal Covers as will fit on the heating plate of you binding machine.

How strong is a bound SteelCrystal Cover?
SteelCrystal Binding Covers have a strong U-Shaped Steel Spine which helps to give your bound document a strong bind every time!

Can you add or delete pages with the SteelCrystal Binding Covers?
Yes, by reheating and melting the glue through a binding cycle you can take a page out of you bound SteelCrystal Cover and/or put a new one in!

If I have a Unibind binding machine can I use your covers?
Yes you can use SteelCrystal Binding Covers with Unibind Binding Machine. 

Can you file a bound SteelCystal Cover?
Yes because a bound SteelCrystal Cover is very slim and flat they are easy to file and store.