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1mm Steel Crystal Covers
1mm Steel Crystal Covers
1mm Steel Crystal Covers
1mm Steel Crystal Covers

1mm Steel Crystal Covers


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Description: 1mm Steel Crystal Covers
Product Code: 
$177 + Gst
Box of: 100pcs

Page Range: 1 - 10p
Colour: Black
Size: A4

Unibind binding system works with Steel Crystal Covers!



  • Covers that binds 1-10 pages
  • A4 Sized Covers
  • Strong U-Channel metal spine; which guarantees a strong bind!
  • Clear front and back PVC cover that ensures you can open your document flat
  • You can edit your documents quickly and easily
  • Add & Delete Pages
  • 10 different sizes to bind from 1 to 220 pages
  • Binds in just 60 seconds
Steel Crystal Covers work with the original S125 Unibind Machine


And also with:


  1. The Intelligent Binding Machine (IQBM140)
  2. Unibind S Series Machines (S225, S425, S925)
  3. CP-128 Binding Machine
  4. HB-260 Binding Machine
  5. Unibind XU-138 and the XU Series (XU238 & XU338)
  6. But Steel Crystal Covers won't work with the new Unibind 8.2 Machine

Steel Crystal Cover Sizes

Steel Crystal Covers can bind from 1 to 220 pages in 10 different sized thermal binding covers

Spine Size
Page Range
Box of Price
Steel Crystal 1mm 1-10 pages 100pcs $177+Gst
Steel Crystal 3mm 10-25 pages
100pcs $178+Gst
Steel Crystal 5mm 25-40 pages
100pcs $179+Gst
Steel Crystal 7mm 40-55 pages
Steel Crystal 9mm 55-75 pages 50pcs $95+Gst
Steel Crystal 12mm 75-100 pages 50pcs $97+Gst
Steel Crystal 15mm 100-130 pages 50pcs $121+Gst
Steel Crystal 18mm 130-160 pages 25pcs $64+Gst
Steel Crystal 21mm
160-190 pages 25pcs $65+Gst
Steel Crystal 24mm 190-220 pages 25pcs $67+Gst